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Glazed Polished and Rustic Porcelain Tiles

We offer glazed porcelain tiles in a variety of specifications and styles, with the most common sizes as follows: 300 x 600mm, 300 x 800mm, 600 x 600mm, and 600 x 1200mm. The rustic porcelain tiles are known for their dark colors, with grey being the most common. These dark colors are designed to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. These glazed tiles undergo multiple surface treatments, ensuring a rough, natural and realistic textured surface. Our glazed porcelain tiles have no harmful components, making them an environmentally friendly construction material.

Kiva Ceramics, located in China's capital of pottery–Foshan, Guangdong, produces all kinds of ceramic and porcelain tiles. We specialize in manufacturing a variety of polished porcelain tiles, rustic tiles, marble tiles etc. Polished porcelain tiles are noted for their high hardness; rustic tiles are a kind of glazed tile with an antifouling and anti-slip design; marble tiles feature the world famous beauty of natural marble patterns, which are the preferred choice for home furnishing and hotel decoration. Currently, we have for indoor and outdoor walls and floor laying. Feel free to contact Kiva Ceramics.